Homemade Baby Food

Before becoming one myself, I always wondered what on earth would motivate a Mom to use cloth diapers, make homemade baby food and wear those ridiculous Flintstone necklaces around their necks. Out came my child and now I get it..One moment of those beautiful little eyes watching you and warm little hands wrapped around your neck and you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

While we haven’t yet ventured into cloth diapers, we did realize that we had a few food allergies early on. Leyton couldn’t tolerate anything containing cow’s milk or preservatives. Most baby foods have both. Thus, I began the homemade baby food adventure.

Step 1: Baby Food Storage

There are lots of options when it comes to baby food storage, including reusable bags, ice cube trays and freezable containers. I purchased some of these from Oxo (available at Target or on Amazon) due to the fact that they can go straight from the freezer to the microwave…easy!baby food.jpgStep 2: Baby Food Ingredients

As I mentioned, we were working with a cow’s milk and what seemed to be preservative allergy at the time of my making baby food. We bought all organic, basic food items to start and followed this chart for timing of introduction:


Step 3: Time to make the food!

My methods were simple because I am a creature of habit and wanted to make recipes that would be easy to repeat.

FRUIT: I blended fruit on its own, or with rice cereal and breast milk in my bullet until the consistency would work with a spoon.

VEGGIES & MEATS: I have definitely washed, baked, cut and blended vegetables and meats. Over time, I sometimes found it easier to purchase bags of frozen organic vegetables and grocery store-made rotisserie chicken.

I would fully cook/prepare even simple foods before freezing them so that when it came time to grab a container from the freezer, we were truly just 45 seconds in the microwave from eating time.


For blending, I used a Hamilton Beach food processor but any processor will do (no special blender from the baby aisle needed!).

Three helpful hints when it comes to chicken:

  1. Let the chicken cool prior to processing.
  2. Cut chicken into small cubes.
  3. Blend chicken with a soft vegetable, such as squash, for a yummier, smoother       consistency. Babies do not need and should not have any unnecessary seasoning!

My processor – thank you to my sis-in-law for what was a perfect Christmas gift!

food processor.jpg

Even after LT got some teeth and we stopped pureeing everything, the oxo containers still came in handy for storage of frozen cubed foods. To this day, I’ll steal one from the freezer in a pinch!

Luckily, we’ve now been able to begin introducing foods that have some preservatives and even baked milk items…hallelujah! My good friend recommended we try the new, frozen baby food pouches from Target. I plan to report back soon! Happy eating.