5 Minute DIY Fall Wreath

Fall is a great time to decorate a grapevine wreath. Dependent upon care, grapevine wreaths may be re-used for multiple seasons and occasions with a simple change of accessories and bows.

I ran out of time this year and had to make some SIMPLE Fall wreaths for our front doors. Here is how I did it:

  1. Select a grapevine wreath. They come in several sizes and thicknesses; I like to buy mine at Hobby Lobby, my floral wholesaler or save-on-crafts.com. Many other retailers carry them around this time of year. Hobby Lobby tends to be the most cost-effective, in my experience. img_3199
  2. Select ribbons and accessories (I got all of these at Hobby Lobby, but again, many retailers will have all of these items around this time of year). Rather than making a bow, I wrapped my ribbon around the entire wreath, using the branches themselves to secure it in six places. I used a combination of hot glue and/or wreath wire to hold the accessories on top – Be sure to lay the items out on the wreath prior to gluing anything down!img_3208
  3. I spray painted a wooden letter gold, to represent our last name on the wreath. In the pic, green wreath wire is holding it – I later hot glued it instead. Copper-colored wire or even something like this brown paper stem wire would work as well!
  4. I followed the triangle design rule with this wreath which holds that if the base of the triangle lines the most heavily decorated area, the “point” of the triangle could be another (smaller) decor focal point. Happy Wreathing!

IMG_3217.JPGHere was one other one I made for the mantle with the leftovers…