DIY Wreath Making Class @ the Loft

The girls of Hudson came out last night to craft it up at Viva Voce’s Loft downtown. In Loft-owner, Jayme Mees and I’s, first ever class, we crammed 30-some women into a room to build Fall wreaths, friendships and fun…

Supplies Needed:

-grapevine wreath

-floral wire

-wire cutter


-hot glue gun & glue

-ribbon of choice (wired ribbon preferable; most of the designs at this workshop used burlap)

-small red pine pinecones

-dried grasses, hay, lavender

-plastic artichokes, pomegranites


-any other fun fall elements that you’d like to see on your wreath!


THANK YOU to everyone who attended and made the class an amazing night and memory!

We had lots of fun crafting and sipping wine & chocolates from Knoke’s. Prizes from LaRue Marche were awarded for best wreaths and best social media posts. And…everyone walked out with a hand-crafted, autumn grapevine wreath.



This year’s Fall design trends align with the events industry in that they consist of clean whites, greens and neutrals. Natural is the look. We selected dried grasses, greens, leaves, twigs, pinecones, artichokes and pomegranates for this class with those trends in mind. Although everyone started out with the same burlap-wrapped bundle of supplies, I have to say that every wreath turned out to be a unique masterpiece!

I’ve had several friends request the details behind our class…without giving too much away (we will be having additional classes-email me to get onto our distribution list:, here is what you missed!


1. Wreaths are your own craft; Make what your heart desires to see on the front door, mantle or at your office. There are no rights or wrongs to this art!

2. Depth is one of the most important elements to wreath design. Depth is achieved with the decor that you use on your wreath; Many designers and hobby wreath-makers will use a second wreath of similar or slightly smaller size on top of the main wreath to obtain immediate depth. Usually, it is wired down in four places for easy assembly.

3. The shade rule assists us with color selection. Choose 3 colors (ex: brown, green and a touch of purple). The fourth color should be a different shade of the first three. So brown, green, purple and light purple = your color palette.

4. The triangle rule is helpful for the overall vision of your design. It holds that if the “heavily” decorated part of your wreath is the base of your triangle, then the other focal point (if any) should be where the point of that triangle would hit the wreath.

Our class also consisted of element selection, adhesive recommendations, bow how-to, hanging techniques and application tips. You will just have to attend the next one to get in on all of the secrets!

Some of last night’s supplies were from my most favorite, adorable Christmas Tree Farm just north of Hudson:

FUTURE CLASS OFFERINGS email name/contact to:

This class was led by the garland_girls, a floral affiliate of my event planning firm, L’event:



Thank you for designing with us! Happy Fall!