Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. I used to dread it because of what it led to…winter in the Midwest! Since purchasing a pair of Uggs and some legit long underwear, winter has lost its power over this girl.

Fall decor, both on the inside and the outside of the home, can be so much fun. When I was little, my Mom would have us collect vibrantly colored leaves which would later be ironed in between big pieces of wax paper. I can’t wait for Fall crafts some day when my son is a little older!

So for now, all of the “crafts” posted here are for big kids like you and I. One of my favorites is wreaths – why purchase one when you can buy and decorate your own? I love making just about any kind of wreath and am hosting a DIY grape vine wreath party on Wednesday, October 5th. Click here for details and instructions from that class!

Below are two traditional wreaths that I made for our front doors this year – please see the tutorial on how to replicate this look here.

Mixing and matching gourds and pumpkins is also a fun and easy way to dress up the front porch and invite those trick-or-treaters to stop by!


My husband’s family sells pumpkins, so we always have a lot of them to spare! This year, I placed them at the foot of our garage lights. I hung some of last year’s wreaths up above them to add some glitz.

Our kitchen table or coffee tables always have glittered pumpkins and baskets of gourds – For the most part, they are reusable and only out for a month out of the year…so I have no problem using them again and again. I had lots of leftover wreath decor this year, which I shoved into a big vase for the mantle.

Lastly, we made a Fall Checklist, which is hanging from the fridge. I found many amazing ideas for this on pinterest – this one was one of my favorites:


In case you’re looking for ideas, here was what my list wound up being (customized and simplified for accommodating a one year old):

img_3250The only two things I would add are to buy yourself a pair of CA-UTE new Fall booties and drink a Venti PSL (my friend taught me that this is code for a pumpkin spice latte – thanks B!) 🙂