Valentines Projects

A little late for Valentines projects but I thought I’d still post…

My husband has never been a big Valentines Day guy but this event planner sure is! He didn’t know it prior to Valentines Day, but he was going to gift me with a cooking class I found 🙂 Sipping wine while learning how to make a big Italian meal with some good friends sounded like the perfect little date to me. We went here for our class: Sur La Table We did have fun with a few other couples, using the nicest of appliances and the best of ingredients to make our meal. I was a little disappointed that wine wasn’t served (isn’t that a big component to cooking or eating?!); I’d highly recommend this place to pregnant couples!

Back to Valentines projects… V-Day Project #1: Bouquets

Floral design classes have been my recent fetish so I thought I’d come up with some ideas to try this year, along those lines. The first of which was dabbling with the idea of little bouquets for friends and interested acquaintances. I had my designer friend, Naomi ( create these fun tags to include with them:

I was able to locate some black and tan kraft paper on amazon. After purchasing some fresh blooms, plastic wrap and card holders at the local floral wholesaler, I was ready to roll. Here was one of the bundles of love I wound up with:


Lucky for me, I have a bestie who owns a gorgeous salon downtown Hudson >>> Viva Voce Salon is not only my favorite destination for some hair and makeup pampering; It’s a place of projects for me. Not only did I get to sell my Valentines blooms there, I have recently began offering some craft workshops in the Viva Loft, located upstairs. It’s the most darling building on earth and is worth a visit to Hudson!

V-Day Project #2 (that never happened): Hanging Flower Heart

I really wanted to steal another valentines project idea from Laura Valentine of Isn’t her hanging heart the most darling thing you’ve ever seen?


As much as I wanted to make a real flower heart, I don’t think the weight of flowers in foam would hang well and I didn’t quite get around to purchasing “permanent botanicals,” as all of my floral instructors refer to them. Maybe next year!

V-Day Project #3: Chocolate Strawberries, of course!

Lastly, I wanted to make some sweet treats to have in the kitchen for friends & family over the holiday weekend…I totally cheated and melted dark, milk & white chocolate in the microwave (stir every 30 seconds till the chips or bark are liquid). Then, I simply dipped and set on wax papered baking sheets. My strawberries hardened up in about 30 minutes, just outside on our 32 degree deck. YUM!

I hope your Valentines or Galentines day was spectacular!